Design Concept
Morphology of Design Concept


The COVID 19 Wayfinding System Design is characterized by the six stages of the vaccination process, focusing on color and numbers rather than medical terminology. Medical terms of vaccination can be difficult for users like elderls and general residents. This system was designed to guide the user's in case that the medical terminology was not understood.

Color Selection


Color selection is based on the Munsell color model where six colors were selected and organized so the complementary colors do not overlap with each other.

Branding of Wave Pattern


In order to standardize the identity of the sign system, the wave pattern was adapted to all designs. The pattern is based on two basic shapes: the shape that can be seen on the side of the cardboard, and the wave that is created when cutting the adhesive tape. The wave is also meant to separate the top and bottom lines, ensuring a distance, in this case, social distancing for vaccination.

3つのデザイン要素 / 3 basic elements

There are 3 main requirements for this project. 

ペーパーファイルPaper File

ペーパーファイルは、インフォメーションサインシステム( Information Sign System)として、全体の接種プロセスを説明します。

The purpose of this paper folder is to describe the six-step vaccination process as an information sign system.

Induction Line

経路テープは、イディレクショナルサインシステム (Directional Sign System)として、利用者を誘導します。

As a directional sign system, the pathway tape is designed to connect and guide the traffic flow of users. 

Sign Panels

サインパネルは、アイデンティフィケーションサインシステム(Identification Sign System) として、各段階の目的地を表記します。

The sign panels indicate the destination of each stage of the process as an identification sign system.
element 01

ペーパーファイルPaper File


The basic function of the paper file is to help the user to better understand the entire vaccination process. It also has a section on the backside  where the second vaccination appointment date can be written, and can be used to store the medical history forms, notices, etc.

Element 02

Induction Line


The 50 mm wide tape should be matched to the color of each process stage to guide the users' traffic. The length of the tape should be properly cut and applied to the floor according to the location where the system will be installed.

element 03

Sign Panels


There are two types of signage panels: the first type indicates the destination of the process on a wall, partition, or the front of a desk; the second type is placed on the floor or on a desk to designate where users can sit and wait for their turn.

The numbers in the Signs panel are punctured to visually match the color and feel of the space.